The Greater Chicago Chapter SCTE

2010 Seminar Prepay Card

  • You can purchase 6 seminars for the price of 5

  • When you buy the PRE-PAY card for $175 you will receive a card valid for 6 local seminars at the pre-registered price.  The savings range from $35 to $95

  • The PRE-PAY card is transferable

  • The PRE-PAY card can be used by any member of your staff at any local seminar.  It can also be used to pay for multiple people for the same seminar

  • No Expiration date

  • The PRE-PAY card can be used at all future local GCC SCTE Seminars.  It never expires!

Seminar Card Information Form


 Any questions on this process may be directed to Pete Golfinopoulos via email at